CBeebies Go Explore App

CBeebies Go Explore App is packed with fun games that help young children learn and discover with their CBeebies friends.

Child playing Go Explore game on tablet


The BBC wanted to add to it’s portfolio of CBeebies apps. It had discovered although all the games on the website contained educational value, there wasn’t a one stop place for educational focused games, especially around the theme of getting children ready for school. 

There needed to be an app to serve the audience of 3-5 year olds who had a certain degree of autonomy when choosing their cartoons, their programme preference is specific and they will search to find their favourite shows and characters. As these were mainly TV audiences, there was a drive to serve this segment more digital content appropriate for them.

Defining the problem

The aim of the project was to create an app which contained an explorative world which contained multiple fun and educational games. Each game drew on the Early Years curriculum, helping children as they grow, building up their skills and understanding, ready to start school. The app also aimed to be inclusive for all and therefore accessibility was at the heart of this app too.


As sole UX lead on each game, I was involved in agency pitches, planning and facilitating all user research sessions, feeding back to stakeholders and helping the agency work iteratively through any user pain points. I was also heavily involved in helping make all the games accessible for a range of needs and tested with users from SEN schools.

Go Explore app hive
Each game could be accessed easily by the hub, or by exploring the world and coming across games them naturally.


During weekly calls to the agency developing the game, I would provide user insights and sketches to communicate improvements/iterations.

Games in more detail:

Hey Duggee – Learning about shapes >

Furchester - Learning about health & Self Care>

Go Jetters - Learning about habitats >

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