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I am incredibly passionate about sharing knowledge, whether that is within other areas of the business I work, at industry events or educational institutes.

I've done a number of talks about UX, design thinking, but also about leadership and wellbeing. I've also taught design methods to college and university students and am currently a lead tutor as part of the Innovater Her organisation, teaching and inspiring girls at high school.



Wellbeing at work - TalkTalk Customer Experience Away Day (November 2019)

At a team away day I wanted to get the team thinking and talking about wellbeing, why it matters and how we can help ourselves and each other. 


BA’s and UXers - BBC BA Bytes (April 2019)

A talk about how UX Designers focusing on user needs and Business Analysts focusing on business needs could work more efficiently and stronger together.

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Co-creation at BBC - RealUX (Jan 2018)

The importance of co-creation with our audiences in the BBCs children's department and how we utilise the power of their creativity in our games, apps and websites.


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InnovateHer programme - Lead tutor (May 2020)

Helping to inspire girls aged 12-16 to engage with technology, to encourage them to consider a career in the sector and to empower them to realise their potential, through an 8 week programme of fun, interactive challenging sessions.

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Playful creative thinking methods - UCLan University (Feb 208)

Using a live brief, we took the design students through various playful methods that solve problems in creative, innovative ways - all in a one day workshop.

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What is user experience & design thinking? - Aquinas College (June 2018 & 2019)

During careers week at Aquinas College, I taught graphic design students methods to help them problem solve using design thinking methods and the UX design process. 

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